12 ordinary people to whom great songs are dedicated
Almost all performers, ask them more specifically about whom they sing, will find a way to evade the answer: to protect someone’s privacy or to maintain intrigue. Although there are…

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We were the last rock stars: a collection of Noel Gallagher's best sayings
The king of rock and the witty master Noel Gallagher over the past decades has provided all music publications with invaluable news material. We decided to recall the best of…

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Back in Black: best comeback albums
Maybe the bands didn’t please the fans with news due to lack of inspiration, or maybe they just needed to take a break. However, there is nothing better than a…

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great stadium

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Eccentricity and Melancholy: Interview with Florence + The Machine

Two hours before the interview, a call comes in: you cannot drive up early, but is it best right now? Arriving at the Boutique Hotel, located right in the center of the Covent Garden district of London, which we got in a terrible hurry, we are told: Florence suddenly decided that she would have lunch after our conversation, so we decided to postpone the meeting. Oh yes.

The meeting takes place in an old-fashioned furnished room. Florence seemed to have become taller since our last meeting four years ago. At least it became thinner. And pale. But despite all this, she is full of health and, importantly, is in a good mood.

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Faith No More: “As an artist, you often have to say,” go to … ** “

They always play on the verge of different styles, they survived after Courtney Love visited their front-woman, survived the fall of the Berlin Wall, the madness of the music industry and the frenzy of hundreds of thousands of Metallica fans. And after all, they are responsible for Nirvana and Limp Bizkit.

Welcome to the outlandish world of Faith No More, which often walked ahead of time. Their partly prophetic play without borders continues – their first album has been released since 1997 and the group looks back at their past.

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The Perfect Couple: Greatest Rock Duos

The last shadow shadow puppets
Former member of The Rascals and ringleader of Arctic Monkeys joined forces in 2008 to record The Age Of The Understatement. According to producer and drummer James Ford, their new album is already ready and will be released in April 2016.

Royal blood
Royal Blood is armed only with a bass player (Mike Kerr) and a drummer (Ben Thatcher). How they make loud music is still a mystery (for people who don’t understand anything about guitar effects).

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Make People Happier: An Interview With Nothing But Thieves
This summer, one of the UK’s brightest young bands, Nothing But Thieves, will perform at the Park Live Moscow music festival. On this occasion, Masha Polyakova met with drummer James…


Best Second Albums of All Time
Musicians often have difficulty writing a second album. This may be a bright debut, which requires no less vivid continuation, or the reverse situation, when the second album is almost…


Absolutely None: An Interview with Soak
She was named the new greatest UK songwriter: critics describe Soak as a tomboy girl from Northern Ireland with a skateboard, guitar behind her and touching songs in the arsenal.…


Great rock songs based on classic literary works
Here is a selection of songs that have paid tribute to books, novels, anthologies and short stories. The Beatles - I Am The Walrus The name of John Lennon's meaningless…