Paul Weller: In Paul We Trust
Sunset The Jam during the commercial zenith, the total debacle of The Style Council, returning to the scene as a nostalgic rocker with recent albums as charmingly chaotic as the…

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Why The Stone Roses is still the coolest band in UK history
We could start the article with the words that The Stone Roses saved British rock music. That they became the reason for the appearance of Oasis, because they determined the…

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Muse Chaotic Symmetry: The Origin Of Symmetry
It was 2001, and humanity was entering the new millennium with hope and fear. Behind - a century of scientific and technological progress, bloody world wars, space exploration, postmodernism and…

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Back in Black: best comeback albums

Maybe the bands didn’t please the fans with news due to lack of inspiration, or maybe they just needed to take a break. However, there is nothing better than a great comeback album. We remembered perhaps the most memorable and long-awaited of them.

The Libertines – Anthems For Doomed Youth (2015)
This is their first album in 11 years: in 2015, The Libertines finally released a follower to their eponymous disc.

Blur – The Magic Whip (2015)
The band’s first full-length album since 1999: There are a lot of songs on “The Magic Whip” that remind us how much we missed this band.

Pixies – Indie Cindy (2014)
Releasing Trompe Le Monde in 1991 and ceasing operations a year later, the question of when did the Pixies announce the reunion did not subside. Despite a large amount of time, the team passed its professional suitability.

Kaiser Chiefs – Education, Education, Education & War (2014)
After a few years of calm, the Kaiser Chiefs made a name for themselves again with an album that could not be missed.

Kings Of Leon – Mechanical Bull (2013)
After the disappointing “Come Around Sundown”, the team needed to prove that they were not in vain in this business.

David Bowie – The Next Day (2013)
Suddenly releasing this record, Bowie received the reviews that his classic albums had in the early 1980s. “The Next Day” paid tribute to Bowie’s past, but at the same time showed that the messiah of popular music still has something to offer.

Portishead – Third (2008)
It’s pretty easy to pick up and release an album that would restore Portishead to its former glory, but with “Third” the band has moved forward. They were not afraid of experiments and did a stunning job, 11 years after the release of their predecessor.

Kraftwerk – Tour De France Soundtracks (2003)
The musicians of electronic music did not release anything good for 16 years, when, suddenly, in 2003 they presented us all with an album in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Tour De France.

Ash – Free All Angles (2001)
With this record, the group wanted to prove that the not very successful follower of the “Nu-Clear Sounds” of the classic “1977” was a coincidence.

Blondie – No Exit (1999)
By the late 1990s, Debbie Harry’s place in pop culture was secured forever. However, it was really great to see that she, along with the rest of the band, was still able to create wonderful music.

R.E.M. – Up (1998)
The return sometimes takes not so much time: “Up” was released just 2 years after its predecessor, but this is the first release of the collective as a trio, at a time when they were thinking about dissolution. Even without drummer Bill Barry, the guys proved that they can create wonderful songs, for example, “Daysleeper”.

Paul Weller – Stanley Road (1995)
The father of the mod revival movement never disappeared, Paul Weller released a solo disc after the breakup of the Style Council. “Stanley Road” was a major breakthrough in the third stage of his career, this work showed that the genius Paul Weller is still in the saddle.

Johnny Cash – American Recordings (1994)
After decades of absence, in 1994 Johnny Cash joined forces with Rick Rubin for an album that turned Man in Black into an idol one more time. Here is the comeback!

U2 – Achtung Baby (1991)
In the late 1980s, U2 was accused of becoming too popular to continue to make too good music. But then they went to Berlin, where they recorded their “Achtung Baby”.

AC / DC – Back In Back (1980)
It is hard to imagine what could happen to the band that lost the vocalist, charismatic Bon Scott. The album made the group one of the greatest in the history of music, while the black cover became a tribute to their deceased friend.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – Double Fantasy (1980)
At the end of five years without new music, Lennon releases “Double Fantasy”. Although not very successful, however, after John’s death, the disc became a real sensation, and the songs “Woman” and “Beautiful Boy” were hits.

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