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16 types of people you encounter at every concert

The music is beautiful, isn’t it? When we go to a concert, we meet many different and unusual people who enjoy wonderful sounds with us.

Also, attending a similar event, you will surely meet big gig adorers. It is very interesting to watch such people, but some are not as harmless as it seems. We have compiled a list of 16 types of people that you will definitely find at any music event. Read carefully, suddenly you will find out which category you belong to.

This person has two problems at the concert: the first – he probably doesn’t like the performer, and he has to watch the performance to write a review later, and the second – if he likes, he will be torn between participating in fun and work (desperately scribble notes in his smartphone).

A guy who always manages to drink all the water
This cunning fan does not transfer water to the rest and leaves a precious bottle to himself when everyone is lying down and needs at least one sip.

A fan who is constantly drawn to “mosh”
He will do everything possible to create a circle and get rid of inner anguish through his elbows.

Dependent Crowd Surfer
In some places, too strict, and for crowd surfing can be taken out of the hall. If not, then this type will try to swim through the crowd to his idol, until people refuse to raise it. Expect a stab in the back (literally) from this, and this is in the best case, because it can get a foot in the face.

Security that doesn’t give a damn about everyone
A demon infuses you when you see your favorite musician live. But these dylds don’t give a damn about you and the artist. Of course, they are at work, but behind their back a story is likely to be created.

“I’m on the guest list” or “They are waiting for me”
While you are standing in line, and a terrible, cold wind blows in your face, this bastard runs forward, says the name to the guard or tells him that they are waiting there, and disappears. Who is this big person? Usually – a lonely journalist who could not get an extra ticket for a friend, was late and ran alone.

The guy who takes off his t-shirt
Even before the climax, this irritable type takes off his shirt and, dancing, loses control. He wants to boast of either his cool tattoos or his abs.

Hipster Browser
This individual stands in exactly one place and looks without emotion, pretending that he is not interested in music at all.

The man who shoots the whole concert
We have all met such people. If this is you, then take away your damn smartphone, because for sure never watch the video.

Ridiculous viewer
This representative knows one or two songs and throughout the gig either chats or leafs through the Instagram feed. If this is a girl, then she still loves to climb on someone’s shoulders just “for fun.”

One that knows all the words
This one knows every line and always sings. He periodically looks around to make sure everyone sees what a wonderful memory he has. Interestingly, this type knows that this is not a karaoke contest?

Keen parent
A representative of this type sings along and jumps to the music. Either wants to win the heart of the child, or just young in soul and really loves the artist (which is commendable).

Bored parent
Accompanying his offspring on a gig, he looks unhappy and waits faster than the final song, thereby spoiling the mood of some of those present.

A regular at the bar
Such a person always wants to drink during a concert. He often walks near the bar than the staff. Most of the concert of this type is turned back to the performer, but he knows best how to empty four glasses of beer in one sip.

Couples in love
They stand in an embrace and swing to the music. And frankly, at rock concerts it looks ridiculous.

Crazy fan
This type is the most loyal and best fan on earth. He can usually be seen at the stage jumping in sweat for joy after hours of waiting in the street. Do not even try to talk to him, he sees nothing but his idols.

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