The best Manchester bands of all time
The expression "Manchester music" itself has become tautological, given the activity with which this city generates significant groups. An almost impossible feat is to fit the unique Manchester scene of…

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John Peel: The Legend of British Broadcasting
It has been eleven years since the death of the legendary British radio host and disc jockey John Peale, but so far no one has been able to compare with…

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Return of the Legend: An Interview with Richard Ashcroft
Richard Ashcroft. At one time, the leader of The Verve, one of the most iconic and successful bands of the 1990s. Then he performed solo, and after that he disappeared…

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Highlights in TV Music Performances

Video ruined radio stars? Our selection of performances by famous musicians on television claims that it doesn’t.

The Stone Roses in The Late Show 1989
There are only a few videos featuring The Stone Roses on TV, so the release of the BBC2 evening program “The Late Show” is one of the rare instances. And he did not wonder: after one and a half minutes of the performance of “Made of Stone”, the electricity turned off on the stage, which was accompanied by Ian Brown’s cry “Amateurs!” One has only to pay respect to the host Tracy MacLeod, who was not at a loss and continued the program, despite Ian screaming behind her.

The Killers in the series Lonely Hearts, 2004
Whatever you think about Lonely Hearts – a series that talks about the problems of Californian youth – you can’t take away good musical accompaniment from him. In the fictional nightclub “The Bait Shop”, The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, The Thrills, The Subways, Death Cab For Cutie sound. Thanks to Mr. Brightside in The Lonely Hearts, The Killers became known to the general public and their true success began. The very song “Mr. Brightside” became one of the main tracks of the 2000s.

Preston from The Ordinary Boys in “Never Mind The Buzzcocks”, 2007
The leader of The Ordinary Boys, Preston, became famous in the mid-1990s after appearing on the show “Big Brother with the Stars”, which at that time was at the peak of popularity. His affair with a member of Big Brother Chantel (who, by the way, was unknown to anyone) was discussed by all the magazines about the stars, which brought the group success. Preston and Chantel openly used their relationship for PR, and the press made every use of it. In “Never Mind The Buzzcocks,” Preston left the studio halfway through the program after host Simon Amstell apparently hit Preston in a fit of jokes about the couple’s relationship.

The Smiths on Data Run TV 1984
In 1984, The Smiths appeared on children’s television, which was one of their ways of promoting the band. Morrissey appeared unusually cheerful on the program and seriously answered the thoughtful questions of the children. After all, only a true journalist can ask the performer the question “Why do you need flowers?” (During performances on stage, Morrissey often waved flowers, usually gladioli – ed.)

Muse at the 2009 Quelli che … il Calcio show
To perform on the Italian television show “Quelli che … il Calcio”, Muse musicians were forced to perform under the soundtrack. In response, the musicians decided to play a joke on the organizers, exchanging instruments before the performance: Matt Bellamy sat down at the drums, Dominic Howard got up with a bass guitar at the microphone, and Chris Wolstenholm picked up the guitar and stood at the keyboards. During the filming, no one suspected something was wrong, and in this form the program went on the air.

Drummer Competition: Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell, 2014
Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and comedian Will Ferrell, star of many comedies of the last ten years, look almost like twins. In May 2014, Jimmy Fallon managed to bring them together to arrange the drum fight Ferrell dreamed of. Everything turned out very cool. But who won?

Liam Gallagher at the BRIT Awards 2010
At the 2010 BRIT Awards, Noddy Holder presented Liam Gallagher with the award Oasis received in the UK’s Best Album of 30 Years Award for the album “(What’s The Story?) Morning Glory”. With his usual restraint, thanking fans and Paul Arthurs (one of the founders of Oasis – approx. Ed.), Liam threw the figurine and his microphone into the hall. Rock and roll baby!

At The Drive In on the “Later” Show with Jules Holland, 2000
It’s hard to imagine shooting these crazy throwings during the band’s performance of the hit “One Hand Scissor”, which became one of the most memorable performances of the group. They fell, jumped, threw chairs – in general, which just wasn’t.

Justin Bieber in C.S.I .: Crime Scene, 2010
Justin Bieber is being shot. Just take a look.

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