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Royal Blood: everything you need to know about a duet from Brighton

For some couple of years, the British band Royal Blood has grown from “promising” newcomers to one of the largest rock bands. We decided to make a list of interesting facts you need to know about this rock duo from Brighton.

At the very beginning, as children, both members of the group showed the ability to behave on stage (see “boasting”). Ben still keeps a photo of the 18-month-old himself sitting at the installation, while Mike was a wizard child, eager for someone else’s attention. The next trick will be the release of the very hit album “Royal Blood”.

What is more surprising, Mike grew up at the age of 16 under the Christian church. After his 16th birthday, he decided to leave, then wrote “Come On Over” (“There’s no God and I really don’t care”).

Mike is from Worthing, and Ben is from Rustington. However, their first meeting took place in Chichester, when Mike tried to impress Ben’s girlfriend. Agree, the classic story of friendship.

For about 9 months, Mike lived in Australia. Upon his return, Ben gave him a lift in his car, and in a conversation the guys decided to put together a group. And that was a great idea.

While the world did not yet know about Royal Blood, the guys had quite a normal job. Mike was a cook, and Ben was a bartender. Potentially, if nothing came of the music, they would still earn a living together and have a good restaurant.

All of 2013, Mike and Ben spent writing songs, which in the future will be a message to all lovers of blues rock.

A decent number of these songs – from “Blood Hands” to “You Can Be So Cruel” – are about the experiences of breaking up with the girl. “This was my first experience of a serious breakup,” Kerr explains. “Not such a gap when your first girlfriend leaves and you think that the end of the world has come. Everything was much more serious.”

During these months, Mike Chapell of Warner / Chappell sent them an e-mail asking him if the guys had a contract. He later visited Brighton and immediately invited the musicians to leave their jobs in order to concentrate on the music.

The group signed a contract with Wildlife Entertainment, which Drenge is working with, and another little-known Arctic group, someone there … “It looks like Wildlife dug us up, damn it, and made it stars,” Mike jokes. “I like it, to be honest. It will help spread that rumor about the X-Factor.”

Not only Wildlife Entertainment unites Royal Blood and Arctic Monkeys: during the headliner set of the Monkeys at Glastonbury ‘2013, Matt Halders was dressed in football with the name of the Brighton duo. Nice advertisement, you know.

Royal Blood has something to say about rock music against the rest of the world: “For example, when you have a tuner, or something like that. Or even a phonogram. Everything that is done on the computer is not real.”

Ben Thatcher admitted that he is a big fan of one of the most extraordinary artists in Canada – Drake. “Everything written about him screams that you don’t need to listen to him, but when I turn on his music, I think it’s just great!”

When the conversation is about their own sound, the band members aren’t particularly aware of the secrets. Mike does not talk about how he achieves his bass sound as if it were Thor’s hammer: “It took quite a while to get such a sound – and it’s mine.”

The debut single “Out Of The Black” was released on November 11, 2013. The song broke into the rotation of the Air Force radio, taking 1st place in the UK chart and 2nd place in the US.

A month later, the duo was included in the annual poll from the Air Force “Sound Of”, in which they choose the group of the year. Impressive for them, exciting for all of us. Royal Blood were the only rockers on the entire nominee list.

After releasing two more singles, “Little Monster” and “Come On Over,” the band performed at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. No wonder they won the nomination for the most promising new group.

One of the most memorable concerts in the lives of the guys was the performance of Queens Of The Stone Age in Reading. “This gig changed my life,” Mike shared.

In April 2014, Royal Blood performed on the legendary “Later … With Jools Holland” program, playing “Little Monster”. Also, the well-known Paolo Nutini was present at the show, and we think the group was pleased with him.

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