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16 types of people you encounter at every concert
The music is beautiful, isn't it? When we go to a concert, we meet many different and unusual people who enjoy wonderful sounds with us. Also, attending a similar event,…

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Eccentricity and Melancholy: Interview with Florence + The Machine
Two hours before the interview, a call comes in: you cannot drive up early, but is it best right now? Arriving at the Boutique Hotel, located right in the center…

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A scene that forever changed British rock music.
"It's not about the labels themselves, it's about people. It's about their characters and goals." (Noel Gallagher) N - The Nightingales In 1979, The Nightingales rose from the ashes of…

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Laughing Sad: An Interview with Daughter

The British trio with Elena Tonra, led by the second album “Not To Disappear”, is again exploring the depths of melancholy.

Despite this, Daniel Koch took an extremely funny interview from Elena and drummer Remy Agilella.

Many people have known this since adolescence: you take your current experiences, make a mixtape or play a playlist with songs that are especially sunken in your soul – and as a result, the recipient of this gift begins not only not to melt from tenderness, but to look into his eyes with the words “With you “Is everything all right? Are you depressed? Do you want to lay hands on yourself there?” Continue reading

A scene that forever changed British rock music.

“It’s not about the labels themselves, it’s about people. It’s about their characters and goals.” (Noel Gallagher)

N – The Nightingales
In 1979, The Nightingales rose from the ashes of The Prefects, the first Birmingham punk band. They earned a Birmingham reputation for The Fall thanks to their uncouth indie: Beefheart tangled guitars, Krautrock punching beats, and vocalist Rob Lloyd’s scandalous jokes.

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Straight from Nottingham: Interview with Jake Bugg

Our friend Jake Bugg sings like a chipmunk, spread rot “X Factor” and strumming an acoustic guitar as if he were in a folk band. The new Jake Bugg is inspired by hip hop, spread rot Noel Gallagher and even tries to rap.

Jordan Bassett met a man in the midst of his own rebirth.

Jake Bugg is not ready for close angles. He arrives at a whitewashed studio in West London, shakes hands with us (unexpectedly tight) and leaves to do makeup – it seems that decades pass before he returns. He puts on a white and purple tie-dye jacket, “slightly new rave,” his stylist notes with concern. It seems that Bug’s photographing is not annoying (he would have recently signed a contract with Elite Continue reading

10 interesting facts that science can tell us about music

Where would we be without science? Most likely dead. We could be destroyed by some super cholera or busted by another species of primates, who would discover the secrets of science and decide to use them against us.

So for our existence, we should be grateful precisely to science. It makes the human race fight, heal diseases, connect people and ask important questions, such as these: are Queen fans the most sensitive? Why do cats hate human music? Can listening to Nirvana increase your chances of getting pregnant?

What you will find in this article is 13 carefully studied (not by us) studies that allow you to delve into the microworld of music. However, discovering the secrets of the rhythmic brain takes much longer than just Continue reading

Me and the Muse: Interview with Bobby Gillespie

53-year-old Bobby Gillespie is the lead singer of Primal Scream, who released their 11th album, “Chaosmosis” on March 18, 2016. An American singer, model and actress Sky Ferreira participated in the recording of the first single “Where the Light Gets In”. The band has existed in various forms since 1982, Gillespie and guitarist Andrew Innes have always remained in the lineup. The album “Screamadelica” (1991), which mixed rave, rock, gospel and dub reggae, brought the group fame and the “Mercury Prize” award and to this day remains a milestone in the world of music.

When I was little, music was in the air. In the 60s, my dad had a folk club in Glasgow, and he played both Jerry Rafferty and Billy Connolly. He recorded the performances of folk singers, and then we listened to Continue reading

Absolutely None: An Interview with Soak
She was named the new greatest UK songwriter: critics describe Soak as a tomboy girl from Northern Ireland with a skateboard, guitar behind her and touching songs in the arsenal.…


Why The Stone Roses is still the coolest band in UK history
We could start the article with the words that The Stone Roses saved British rock music. That they became the reason for the appearance of Oasis, because they determined the…


Highlights in TV Music Performances
Video ruined radio stars? Our selection of performances by famous musicians on television claims that it doesn’t. The Stone Roses in The Late Show 1989 There are only a few…


We were the last rock stars: a collection of Noel Gallagher's best sayings
The king of rock and the witty master Noel Gallagher over the past decades has provided all music publications with invaluable news material. We decided to recall the best of…