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Age is not a barrier: an interview with New Order
Everyone almost came to terms with the fact that, over the past 35 years, New Order played only a couple of concerts with hits that everyone heard for 100 laps,…

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Jimi Hendrix: and the gods made love
In the beginning were The Beatles. They brought music. Then Dylan came and he brought the Word. And then there was Hendrix. His gift was the guitar. And with it,…

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23 most depressed performers
Autumn is the darkest, wettest, depressing time of the year when each of us goes deep into ourselves. And although the New Year and the January holidays, which will give…

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Why The Stone Roses is still the coolest band in UK history

We could start the article with the words that The Stone Roses saved British rock music. That they became the reason for the appearance of Oasis, because they determined the shape and sound of the best bands of the 90s. We could also reveal a few secrets surrounding the name of this mysterious group. Of course, we will do all this, but only, you know, not at the beginning of the article. Let’s start it better, here’s how.

March 1989 I work at the Our Price Records music store in West London and receive a box of vinyl records in the mail. The most ordinary event for a music store, except that this time in a box is a real treasure.

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Almost Best Brothers: Interview with Disclosure

Three years ago, Guy and Howard Lawrence, speaking as Disclosure, began trying to make a difference in the radio charts for the better. Last September, the band released their second album, “Caracal”. Henier Richter decided to interview them and met in Berlin two mature, confident and very dissimilar musicians.

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Jimi Hendrix: and the gods made love

In the beginning were The Beatles. They brought music. Then Dylan came and he brought the Word. And then there was Hendrix. His gift was the guitar. And with it, loudness, dedication, tenderness, passion, rage, ecstasy, sex, the Universe and stars, and the first rays of the rising sun.

Hendricks took almost 4 years to shape his vision: from 1966 until his fucking early and meaningless death at the age of 27 on September 18, 1970. And if we speak frankly, we mean a much more specific period of time (namely 20 months), during which the albums “You You Experienced”, “Axis: Bold as Love” and “Electric Ladyland”, are Hendrix’s only studio work , completed during his lifetime, were still in dreams. Following this, he began to move along the winding path of creative stupor, the fight against Continue reading

The Perfect Couple: Greatest Rock Duos

The last shadow shadow puppets
Former member of The Rascals and ringleader of Arctic Monkeys joined forces in 2008 to record The Age Of The Understatement. According to producer and drummer James Ford, their new album is already ready and will be released in April 2016.

Royal blood
Royal Blood is armed only with a bass player (Mike Kerr) and a drummer (Ben Thatcher). How they make loud music is still a mystery (for people who don’t understand anything about guitar effects).

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12 ordinary people to whom great songs are dedicated

Almost all performers, ask them more specifically about whom they sing, will find a way to evade the answer: to protect someone’s privacy or to maintain intrigue.

Although there are some songs about real characters which we know. In the song “Disco 2000” Pulp sings about Deborah Bone, with whom Jarvis Cocker grew up. And, judging by the lyrics, her name didn’t suit her at all. The heroine of Suzanne by Leonard Cohen considered that the song violated the framework of her personal life, and for Geraldine from the Geraldine group of the Glasvegas group, the song became one of the most touching acts that she had ever committed.Here is a list of 12 people immortalized by music, whether they like it or not. Continue reading

Indie labels: the best of the best
It is these labels that release interesting and unusual music. Have you ever noticed a small logo on the back of album covers of your favorite bands? This logo may…


Under pressure: interview with Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro is preparing to release their seventh album, "Ellipsis", in which they managed to ditch the brain-blowing prog rock of their last three records in something even more, hmm,…


Friendly takeover: interview with FFS
If the company does not have economic development, this often leads to a merger with a competitor. Is it exactly the same in music? With many so-called supergroups, this is…


Eccentricity and Melancholy: Interview with Florence + The Machine
Two hours before the interview, a call comes in: you cannot drive up early, but is it best right now? Arriving at the Boutique Hotel, located right in the center…